Linden Kirby

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A Walk in the Forest


33 x 27" / watercolor and ink

Almost Home


10 x 12" / watercolorSome journeys are long and some journeys are hard. The journey for this weary traveler is about to end at Christmas this year for the traveler is almost home.

Autumn's in the Wind


11 x 14" / WatercolorAfter a surprise cold snap, certainly "Autumn's in the Wind." And all my neighbors' leaves are blowing into my yard! On a recent windy day I found inspiration to depict this fa...

Colorado Gold


15 x 18" / Mixed MediaColorado Gold flashes its fall colors in hues of yellow casein and gold acrylic paint on a mysterious forest background of loose watercolor, casein, and walnut ink. This origi...



19 x 23" / Mixed Media"Exuberance!" shouts the joy of color and the explosion of texture. This original mixed media painting starts with a foundation of loose and brilliant watercolor. Added on top...

Gold O'er the Ocean


14 x 11" / WatercolorSunrise often throws colors across the sky and shows itself in new form and different palette in the west. On Florida's western coast the rising sun flashes golden light on the...

Italian Window


20 x 16" / WatercolorWhen you see a tea towel tossed on the sill of an open window in Italy, you know there has to be something good cooking in the kitchen. That was my inspiration and intention--t...

Misty Morning


10 x 12" / Mixed Media"Misty Morning" is mixed media with liquid graphite, buff-colored watercolor, and silica beads in the foreground for a touch of texture and interest.

Mountain Majesty


14 x 11" / Watercolor

Rainy Day


22 x 18" / Watercolor / Rainy Day displays the beauty that comes after the rain has rinsed the flowers and the sun comes out. This watercolor shows the beauty "down home" in spring.

Spring Comes to the Pr...


11 x 23" / WatercolorWhen spring comes to the prairie, beauty rouses from its slumber and bursts forth in the most unexpected places. The posies pop up around this lonely fence post and herald the ...

Spring Thaw


24 x 18" / WatercolorWhen spring comes, sometimes it's not in a burst of color but in one drip at a time. But those drips are the lifeline for the birth of spring.