Laine Greaves-Smith

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Anchors Away!


27 x 24" / Anchor Chain / This hefty side table made from anchor chain features a nautical theme from the modern industrial era.

Cars and Cocktails


44 x 30" / Mixed Metals /Spinning the top of this cocktail table causes gears and chains under the glass to rotate and spin the propeller. This kinetic, sculptural furniture is made out of parts fr...

Flood Gate


40 x 18" / Mixed MetalsThis piece has a whimsical arrangement of found objects reconfigured in a manner that maintains the integrity of the original intention in an interesting sculptural manner. T...



59x24x26" / Mixed Metals / The lower arms can fold in to be more compact (21" wide) or fold out to light two reading chairs. The two upper torchieres provide pleasant, even lighting to a room. All ...



27 x 23" / Salvaged MetalsThis industrial modern lamp features parts from a car's transmission that allow the whole lamp and a set of planetary gears to rotate in a circle with the turn of a valve ...



28 x 11 x 11 / Mixed MetalsThe shade of this lamp rotates and projects mesmerizing patterns on the walls and ceiling

Sweet Relief


24 x 12" / Salvaged MetalsThis beautiful, hand-made moving lamp features an oversized pressure relive valve and dozens of parts from car engines and transmissions. The front lampshade pivots up and...

Zaanse Schans Glans


43 x 16 x 30 / Car Parts, Walnut Wood, Copper Tubing, Wiring, Bulbs, PipeInspired by the elegantly simple machinery of the historic windmills in Zaanse Schans, Netherlands, this moving lamp is made...