Kim Roberts

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Bird's Eye


21 x 21" / Encaustic wax and graphiteEncaustic wax monotype on Japanese Unryu paper with graphite, custom framed.

Composition #32


10 x 8" / Encaustic wax on wood panelEncaustic wax pour on wood panel, overlaying colors to create luminous effect.



14 x 14 / encaustic wax, charcoal and ink on cradled wood panelMixed media on cradled panel. Inspired by days, months and years of sitting on a meditation cushion. This piece portrays the juxtaposi...

First Cow


16 x 20" / Acrylic First Cow enters the new homeland, ready for an adventure in baking! I selected this image from the trailer of the film as it conveys the beginning of the adventure. What strikes...



20 x 17" / Encaustic wax monotype with mixed media on paperHybrid is a nod to growth and evolution, a synthesis of biology and sunlight to create a new life form.



27 x 21" / Encaustic wax monotype on paperEncaustic wax monotype on Japanese rice paper. Size indicates work only with mat-board. Framed dimensions are: 26.5 x 20.5.



13.5 x 13.5" / Oil on Wood Panel"Illusion" is a nod to the transitory moods that even something as substantial as a mountain has. In Buddhism, mountains begin as mountains. Then we discover their e...

In Balance


20 x 20" / encaustic wax, charcoal, ink, mica and metal leafInspired by my time on the meditation cushion, I try to convey the feeling when you are in the zone of deep meditation, when there is not...



9.5 x 11.5" / inkAcrylic ink drawing on paper, framed in simple black frame with white mat, wired and ready to hang. Inspired by the landscape of the San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado. Fra...

Midnight Rider


8 x 8" / Oil on panelMonochrome oil paint on cradled wood panel

Moonlit Garden


14 x 10 / Encaustic Wax on Paper

North Valley Pronghorn


24 x 36" / OilInspired by the herds of antelope that roam throughout the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Southern Colorado.