Kim Leszczynski

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Breezy Beach: Susan


16 x 12 / Acrylic

Flatirons 1: 2020


12 x 15" / Acrylic on canvas sheetThis piece was the first thing I painted during the Pandemic in 2020. I was in Michigan and missing Colorado...the first thing I thought of was the Flatirons. All ...

Funny Face


10 x 10" / acrylicAnother one of 6 pieces I created for a 2019 abstract show. The way this face unfolded was so much fun to discover!

Her Love Shows


12 x 12" / acrylicI painted this after spending time with a friend who was newly in love...this is my interpretation of her joy.

Livs Bliss


8 x 24 / Acrylic

Mi (me)


12 x 12" / acrylicThis is a young girl my friend stayed with while traveling in Vietnam. She gave me the photo knowing I would be inspired by the light and beauty of this child's face...I was.

Mossy Rocks


8 x 10" / acrylicThis is a plein air piece I painted while doing the Steamboat Plein Air paint out in 2017. There was a small creek behind our condo and I saw these beautifully sunlit mossy rocks a...

Nocturn #1


8 x 8" / acrylic2 weeks ago, I had painted an abstract painting on this canvas. Later that day, my friend was speaking of one of her paintings and I couldn't recall it, so she showed me the referen...

Pink Rose: Close-up


11 x 14" / Oil (framed)This piece is in a white frame. It was painted after a day of photographing some of my roses. I wanted to do something other than a typical rose painting.

Rib Cage


10 x 10" / acrylic"Rib Cage" is one of 6 pieces I created for a 2019 abstract show. What you see may be different..that's the beauty of abstract.

Spring on Storm Mountain


8 x 16 / Acrylic

The Day After He Left Us


20 x 10 / Acrylic