Kate Sladen

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The fearful Delphic Sibyl, a figure from MIchelangelo’s frescoes of the Sistine Chapel, holds an endangered manatee as if to protect it as the sun sets on an increasingly vulnerable world. I have e...



My painting Fires expresses my distress and sorrow at the unprecedented Australian bushfires in which more than a billion animals perished, including tens of thousands of koala bears and kangaroos....



12.25 x 15.25" / watercolor on paperBoulder Flatirons



40 x 30" / Oil on CanvasEndangered ring-tailed lemurs climb behind the concerned prophet Joel, who reads from a long scroll likening to an endangered species list. The lemurs stare wide-eyed at the...

Red Lily


16 x 15" / watercolor on paperBouquet with a red lily and daisies



16 x 11.5" / oil on canvas2 swans in a lake with a house in the background