Karen Manci

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A Patch of Teasel


8.5 x 6.5" / Watercolor and PenWinter has yet to topple the tall seed heads of the teasel as their stiff stems reach toward the sky above the Poudre River.

Aspen Colors


11.5 x 9.5" / Watercolor Even a single aspen twig can hold leaves that range from green to bright orange. One cannot help but pick one up up from the ground to flutter those leaves in the wind one ...

Bear Pause


18 x 14" / WatercolorAfter adding his own claw marks to a nearby aspen, a black bear pauses on a rock outcrop above the trail. A gust of wind suddenly dislodges aspen leaves, mesmerizing the young ...

December Rose Hips


11.5 x 9.5" / Watercolor and pen

Dinosaur Lizard


11.5 x 9.5" / Watercolor / While on a early fall hike in Dinosaur National Monument, I came upon a lizard striking a pose in the late-day sun. The shadow cast by the lizard was even reminiscent of ...

Juniper Berries


8.5 x 6.5" / WatercolorJuniper berries can be a lifesaver for birds looking for food as winter descends on the foothills forest. They can also be a lifesaver for an artist looking for a just a tou...

Land of the Ancient Ones


17 x 14" / Watercolor"Land of the Ancient Ones" depicts four ravens at Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. One raven has discovered a stockpile of ancient stone beads long forgotten...

Mountain Chickadee Gold


14 x 18" / WatercolorThere is nothing that can lift your spirits like the glow of a mid-September aspen forest in the Colorado high country. A brief visit by a mountain chickadee just adds to the m...

Pacific Beach Reflection


14.5 x 18.5" / WatercolorThe sounds and smells of the Pacific never really leave you, nor does the feel of the sand between your toes. That last stroll on the beach before you head back to a home 1...

Pelican Takeoff


15.5 x 12.5" / Watercolor / As one of our largest water birds, the American white pelican needed to take a bit of a leap before taking off from a pond in McMurry Natural Area. The pelican had been ...

Rimrock on a Winter's Day


8.5 x 6.5" / Watercolor and PenA dead pine tree stands guard over the Rimrock Open Space in Larimer County.

Shooting Stars


15.5 x 12.5" / WatercolorTucked away in a wet, rocky crevice, the tiny purple flowers of the Shooting Star caught my eye on a June hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. With their unique inverted s...