Joy Redstone

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A Horse with No Name


28 x 15" / assemblage



18 x 18" / Mixed Media

Blue Flower


12 x 8" / Assemblage / This piece is a simple homage to flowers and to the artist's love of the color cobalt.

Boulder Boy


12 x 8" / Mixed MediaThis piece is about my son, who has struggled with addiction

Fire Orchid


39 x 12" / Mixed MediaThis piece, constructed out of driftwood and glassblowing scraps is simply a tribute to the beauty of flowers.

Ghost Spring


36 x 36 / Mixed Mediathis is a piece of art that speaks to the communal prayers that we are lifting up in our own ways to the things that we hold sacred as the conflagration of the virus sweeps thr...

I Dreamed of Paris


32 x 25" / Mixed MediaI honor my sisters in this piece, but I do not know what dreams sustained them. I dreamed of Paris and other far off places, and the dreams sustained me through the devastatio...

I Will Protect You


24 x 18" / assemblageYES

Michael's Flower


15 x 15" / Mixed mediaThis piece honors the artist's deceased husband, who was a man of many contradictions, hence the opposing colors. The materials used seek to embody both his beautiful heart an...

My Winged Heart


17 x 17" / Assemblage: broken glass, old jewelry, copper, figurine, feathers



12 x 6" / assemblage

Our First Journey


12 x 12" / assemblage