Joan McCracken

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Alpine Glow on the Elk...


19 x 25" / PhotographyA summer evening, a quiet pond, and the alpenglow settling on a ridge in the Elk Mountains.

Aspen Leaves of Many C...


22 x 22" / PhotographyIn fall, aspen trees blanket the forest floor with their brightly colored leaves.

Aspen Magic at Rocky M...

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Across an open meadow lies a hill side with waves of Aspen. These trees magically display their gold and red hue's that among the pines appear to be neon signs for the magnificent Aspen.

Aspens on the Road


11 x 14" / Framed Photograph

Biscuits in the Aqua Pool

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Rock formations in the hot springs pool appear to be biscuits baking along the encrusted edge of the clear aqua water. These pools are apart of the West Thumb area of Lake Yellowstone, and the heat...

Cascading Mystic Falls...

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From hundreds of feet above the Little Fire Hole River cascades down on its way to meet the larger Fire Hole River. Biscuit Basin, Yellowstone.

Colorado Columbine Roy...


18 x 12 x 3" / Photography

Glow of Last Light at ...

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The Alpine Glow of last light over jagged canyon walls at the overlook, Black Canyon of the Gunnison.

Juniper Tree at Black ...

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This hundreds of years old if not more, Juniper Tree stands alone in the evening light at Black Canyon of the Gunnison.

Lupines on the Fence Post


12 x 10" / Photograph

Sneffels at Sunset


18 x 12 / Photo on Wood



18 x 20" / Photo on Wood