Jeff Stoddard

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"d" Falling


24 x 9" / Welded Steel and Brick / Made from scrap steel originally from the Pueblo steel mill, a dozen spare "d"s fall down part of a chute onto a brick foundation from the steel foundry.

Alpine Flowers


14 x 21" / WatercolorMist at timberline, early fall trees and the colors of late summer flowers mix with the deep blue-green hues of the pines.

Seven Sins


24 x 28" / WatercolorSeven Deadly Sins: The cycle of sins that start in the heart, swirl about in life and trap the fearful. Exciting, colorful, and enticing.

Winter I: Rabbit Ears ...


19.5 x 25.5" / WatercolorFresh snow in a meadow on Rabbit Ears Pass. Sometimes the feeling in a painting comes from what has no paint, like a snowfield.

Winter V: The East Sid...


25.5 x 19.5" / watercolorLate winter on Rabbit Ears Pass always hides some amazing surprises.