Helen Howe Braider

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Borderland Dreams: Nig...


18 x 24 / Mixed:paper, acrylic, found wood, barbed wire, wood panel

Borderland Dreams: Old...


20 x 24 / Wood Panel, Acrylic, Found Wood, Barbed Wire

Emergence: Absence


20 x 26 / Wood panels, paper, acrylic, inkwood panels in an irregular shape, with a hole. Light spilling through the darkness, with pain and trouble threatening.



23 x 18 x 10" / Wood and SlateA carving speaking to the ache of the loss of a dear friend but the experience of that loss touches on the eternal, the past and future, the infinite.

Interim: Anticipation


18X24 / mixed, paper, acrylic, found wood

Looking East


11x9 / Mixed: Paper, Wood, Acrylic

Looking West


9x11 / Mixed: Paper, Wood, Acrylic

Many Moons Out There


15 x 16" / Acrylic, paper, wood panelsWe measure the world here, and are busy exploring worlds beyond us. We try to define, but there always are irregularities and anomalies that defy our efforts. ...

Meadow Lark Song


19 x 19" / Paper, acrylic, wood on assembled wood panelsThe seed that is to grow must lose itself as seed. Here the energy of the seed, as it is nourished by light and moisture, explodes forth into...



19 x 25 / Paper, Acrylic, Found Wood

Passing the Tree


26 x 10 / Wood and Acrylic

Rising Light in March


24 x 18" / Acrylic, paper, assembled wood panelsThe irregular shape of my picture plane has an inherent energy that I must work with. The image I am trying to evoke evolves into something new and e...