Eric Sweeney

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Behind the Window

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The Window Trail is a popular hiking trail in Big Bend. The view looking "out" the Window is lovely, but sometimes the best view is behind you!

Chisos Mountains in th...

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Heavy snow in Big Bend covered the Chisos Mountains in over a foot of snow, a rare event that made the mountains beautiful...and the hiking challenging!

Chisos Sunset - Twilight

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As the sun sets behind me, the pink of the sky colors the orange of the mountains.

Pinnacles Reflection

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Hiking towards the High Peaks in Pinnacles National Park, Bear Gulch Reservoir makes a beautiful rest stop.

Redwoods #2 - Spooky Tree

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As the morning mist fades, it reveals a tree that's different from the rest.

Saguaro Sunset #1

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The sun sets over Saguaro National Park and one of its namesake cacti basks in the warm glow.

Saguaro Sunset #2

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The multitude of Saguaros watch the sunset in their namesake national park.

Twilight at Mesquite F...

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In the dunes as the sun sets, the last pink of the day shines on the sand as the reflected blue from the darkening sky fills the shadows.