Dorothy Weiner

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19x27" / Watercolor / Framed / This is a stylized depiction of anthurium, a flower widely associated with Hawaii, hence its title, Aloha.



14x19" / Watercolor, ink & iridescent paint / Framed / The bouquet is loosely based on a bouquet of flowers, with whimsical additions and a vase that segues into the background.

Floral Fantasy 2


12x15" / Watercolor / Framed / This is a loose depiction of actual flowers-- croton, lily, daisies, poppy, cornflower, aster--but done with a freeform, watery technique. A loose, broken blue line i...



16x18" / Acrylic / Framed / This depiction of the Excel Energy plant was painted from Legion Park, offering a high vantage point that made the industrial site appear to sit at the foot of the mount...

Leaning Tower of Pears


7.5 x 11" / WatercolorWho can resist painting the wide variety of pears?

Maze in a Vase


15 x 12" / Watercolor and Ink



11x15" / Watercolor, ink & pencil / Framed / This floral is an 'imagined garden' in which flowers and greenery fill the space in a mass of movement and color. In this case, black ink outlining ...



11x18" / Watercolor, ink & iridescent paint / Framed / This 'imagined garden' was done with quite watery paint to allow the colors to bleed and flow. IU wanted to fill the page with color, but ...

Sawhill Idyll


11x18" / Watercolor / Framed / This is a bucolic scene from the trails at Sawhill Ponds wildlife preserve. To me it captures the intersection of idyllic farm life and the majesty of nature.

Taos Tweetfest


11x18" / Watercolor / Framed / These 10-foot high birdhouses depict part of the avian homes lined up outside the Mabel Dodge Luhan guesthouse in Taos, N.M. They are built on actual tree trunks!