Deborah Cavanagh

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Flatirons: The Seduction


8 x 8" / Acrylic on canvas/boardThe Flatirons call to us to discover the endless mysteries found within this magical and natural world - and we are drawn back again & again because with each mo...

Indigo Skies


24 x 30" / Acrylic on Canvas / The 5th painting in my Road Trip Series traveling from Boulder to Santa Fe. As we tried to outrun the storm - passing through the small town of Springer, NM; I was ca...

Pride Lands


42 x 32" / Acrylic on Canvas /Inspired by the Serengeti, and the belief that the Earth belongs first to the animal kingdom. The lyrics from "Circle of Life" moved me to create this painting..."From...



30 x 40" / Acrylic on canvasA love letter of sorts to Sandpoint, ID, and Lake Pend Oreille. Otherworldly colors begin to emerge from the glacier lake in the early winter evenings when the sun begin...

The Road to Santa Fe


32 x 42" / Acrylic on Canvas / From Boulder to Santa Fe in late May, I was so inspired that I could barely breathe ... the changing light, brewing storm and breathtaking colors brought a kinetic en...



43 x 33" / Acrylic on CanvasDeborah Cavanagh is an abstract expressionistic artist inspired by the sensuality, emotion, exuberance, tension & tranquility found as elements of land, wind, water ...