Debbie Abrames

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Cap Rock

$95 $2,000

Cap Rock formation and Joshua Tree at dawn in Joshua Tree National Park

Cathedral Valley

$95 $2,000

The Temple of the Sun and Temple of the Moon in the Cathedral Valley district of Capitol Reef National Park

Desert Sunset

$95 $2,200

Looking west from the western section of Saguaro National Park


$95 $2,200

View from Gunnison Point Overview behind the South Rim Visitor Center


$95 $2,200

Waterfall in Glacier National Park

Forest Light

$190 $2,100

Under a canopy of larger trees, the light finds a group of smaller pines

Golden Glow of Sunset

$95 $2,200

Facing directly into the sun at a group of backlit Saguaro cacti


$95 $2,200

Island outcrop in the north end of the Racetrack located in Death Valley National Park

Light Leak

$190 $2,100

Light beams peeking through the trees

On Guard

$95 $2,200

Golden hour view from behind the Red Hills Visitor center in the western section of Saguaro National Park


$175 $1,900

Dry lake bed and surrounding mountains in the Racetrack area of Death Valley National Park

Saguaro East

$95 $2,200

A group of tall saguaro cacti overlooking the mountains in the eastern section of Saguaro National Park