David Morring

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Cascades at Sunset

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The Northern Cascades are striped in orange and blue by the setting Autumn sun.

Desert Night Sky

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The Milky Way illuminates the McKittrick Ridge backcountry in Guadalupe National Park.

Last Light

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The Teton Range sinks into silhouettes as the last light of day draws its curtains.

Moose at Sunrise

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The morning dawn illuminates a bachelor moose in Grand Teton National Park.

Moose Duel

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During an early December snowstorm, two bachelor moose duel at dawn in Grand Teton National Park.

Morning in Moraine Park

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Sunlight sweeps over the tops of Tombstone Ridge before a tide of storm clouds descend upon the peaks.

Rainier Sunset from Sa...

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Basking in final moments of Golden hour, Mount Rainier towers above the Salish Sea as seen from San Juan Island more than 150 miles away.