Christina Oddo

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16 x 12 / Pastel and Acrylic



14 x 12 / PastelThis piece was created using soft and hard pastels, with fine details done in pastel pencils. The pastels are layered onto an archival sanded, textured board. The inspiration for t...

Driftwood Ridge


10 x 20" / Pastel and AcrylicPastel applied over an acrylic wash on a textured paper. Inspiration for this painting came from a piece of driftwood which I made as the largest element in this landsc...



18 x 12" / Pastel and AcrylicThis piece was inspired from a morning walk after a very cold night. The sun highlighted grasses frosted over along the road's edge. The artwork is created with soft &a...

National Treasure


20 x 24" / Pastel"National Treasure" was inspired by a trip to Yellowstone National Park. It depicts an amazing view of Yellowstone Falls. This piece was created with hard & soft pastels, with ...

Olympic Revelation


22 x 25" / PastelI'm fascinated by how light, especially at sunrise and sunset, affects the mood of a painting. This pastel was inspired by a trip to the Pacific Northwest coastline, with its beaut...



8.75 x 8.75" / PastelPastels, along with pastel pencils, were applied to a textured paper. This piece was inspired by a crosscut of pine bark, which became the largest element in this landscape. Th...

Soul of the River


27 x 20" / PastelThis piece is created with soft and hard pastels applied onto a sanded, textured board.