Charles Alkula

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Et Pervestigationis St...


48 x 36 / Marble acrylic on canvasInspired by Mahler's Second Symphony in C Minor, "Resurrection," this work is a celebration of the new birth offered to us all.

Ett ensamt skidspår (A...


20 x 16" / acrylic on canvas

Four Shades of Grey


30.5 x 26"" / Oil and Acrylic on Canvas / Life is complex, and is rarely black and white. Sometimes it is grey. Very grey.

Four Shades of Grey / ...


20 x 16" / Acrylic and oil

Jordens sång (Song of ...


8 x 8" / PaintingTitled after the work by Jean Sibelius, this work captures the spirit of the Karelian forests.

Kallion kirkon kellosä...


48 x 36 / Marble acrylic on canvasInspired by the Sibelius orchestral work of the same name.

Lenzgesang (Spring Song)


8 x 8" / Acrylic on wood panelMultiple violet hues explode to create a spring blossom.

När jag drömmer (When ...


48 x 48" / Acrylic on canvasUsing flourescent colors and an empasto technique, this explosion of color captures the exurberance of life's possibilities.

Se'n har jag ej frågat...


43 x 36 / Beeswax, oil, on reclaimed wood doorCreated with more than twenty pounds of raw beeswax, this was an exploration of multi-dimensional art.

Skogsrået (The Wood Ny...


8 x 8" / With the whimsical use of recycled candles, this piece seeks to convey the movement of the trees and those who dwell under the canopy of the forest.

The Sun upon the Lake ...


36 x 80 x 1 / Reclaimed Door / Oil mixed with Gamsol