Canyonlands Boudoir Canyonlands Boudoir

Canyonlands Boudoir

Artist: Brent Newman


The Maze, Canyonlands National Park, is known as the most inaccessible part of the most inaccessible National Park in the contiguous United States. While the Maze is indeed a maze of stunning canyons, I created 'Canyonlands Boudoir' to show the warm, seductive sandstone has equally spectacular flats, terraces, and, of course, buttes. This particular butte located deep in the Maze District caught my attention as I was setting up camp for the night. While I noticed a gap between the flat to my southwest that might allow a window of golden hour light to illuminate the butte, I could only wait to see if the light would work in my favor. As the sun began to set, the warm light remained on the butte while lifting away from the surroundings. Elated, I began capturing. I managed to take a few exposures in the seconds before the light eclipsed the tip of the butte and the exhibition was over.

Collections: National Parks of the United States, Utah: Canyonlands National Park

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