Upcycled: Creative Reuse

Mar 17 - Aug 18, 2020

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Love Me Tender


30 x 27.5 / Mixed media/wood/textile/paintIn her travels around the state Jessie finds interesting things such as this piece of a wall from a demolished building in Woody Creek for the background, ...



16 x 20 / Watercolor on Garbage Bag

Wave- Tension


28x32" / Windshield wiper inserts, rec. auto paint, exhaust gaskets / This work is made from 100 recycled/ reclaimed/ re-purposed automotive parts

Mother Moon


32 x 17 / Mixed Media with Found ObjectsVintage medicine cabinet repurposed into a shadow box containing found objects, included, rusted hubcap, painted wooden moon, porcelain dog, vintage papers, ...



11 x 14 / 3D fishbone artworkAn absolutely new form of mixed media, made by using different types of fishbones in natural colors, glued to a black velvet background which provides contrast and brin...

Cottonwood Ghost


26 x 20 / WatercolorDrought Stricken Cottonwood Bark on Canvas

Memories of My Father


10 x 10 / Mixed MediaThis piece was done with old fabric layered to show the flow of the wind. The father is twirling his daughter with memories swirling around them.

First Kiss


20 x 20 / Mixed Media: Acrylic Paint, Discarded Objects, and CollageAcrylic paint, oil pastels, paint pens, discarded glitter nail polish and other odd embellishments create the landscape beneath s...

Rainbow Fish


19 x 50" / Bottlecaps, Vintage 1970s Soda Cans, Salvaged Woods / The Moore's work as a family to make bright, colorful, upcycled, folk art from bottlecap, vintage soda/beer cans, and salvaged woods...

Hubcap Mandala


16 x 16 x 2 / reclaimed mosaicsreclaimed hubcap mosaic with upcycled cut mirror, beads, stones, silver and turquoise belt buckle; ball chain



10 x 10 / Metallic Acrylics, Collage, Found Metal ObjectsAcrylic paint, metallics, oil pastels, a discarded cocktail napkin and other odd embellishments create the field upon which are encrusted wi...



9x11" / Rust and automotive grease on recycled paper / Painting done with automotive byproducts. Automotive moly grease, rust from an automotive machining process and recycled paper.