Tippy McIntosh

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Silver Coastline


7 x 7" / Oils on Rice Paper / Oils painted on rice paper with silver veining, mounted, and framed. The art is 4"x4" (16sq"); framed, it is 7.25"x7.25" x .75" deep (52.56sq").



7 x 7" / Oils on wood veneer / Oils painted on Mappa wood veneer (from western Europe, the only species of poplar that develops this rare type of burl formation), broken, mounted, and framed. The a...

Sunlit Rim


21 x 31 / Oils on wood veneer / Oils painted on camphor wood veneer. Known for its beautiful burls, camphor is native to Southeast Asia. It has uniform, medium texture, with a high natural luster. ...

Desert Night


14 x 20 / Oils on exotic wood veneerOils on Waterfall Bubinga (African hardwood) veneer. Due to its fine, tight grain and its beautiful reddish brown color, Bubinga is often referred to as "African...



24 x 34" / Oils on wood veneer / Oils on American Black Walnut veneer.

Canyon Daybreak


35 x 19 / Oils on wood veneerOils on Camphor veneer. Camphor, native to Southeast Asia and Australia, is known for its beautiful burls.

Redwood Forest


21 x 17 / Oils on wood veneerOils on Redwood veneer. Redwood, with its beautiful burls, is a close relative of the famous sequoia tree of California.

Heaven and Earth


15x18 / Oil on Wood Veneer

White Birches, Summer ...


25x25" / Oils on Chilean Laurel wood veneer. The tree itself is very large, reaching 120-140' tall, and 3-6' in diameter, and grows along the Chilean coastline.