The Human Figure

Jan 19th - Feb 20th, 2022

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25 x 8" / Wood burning, wood stain, and acrylic paint on poplar wood

Accompany Within


18 x 24" / Acrylic on CanvasAbstract painting of a community of figures in rich blues with a golden yellow background.Acrylic on canvas with palette knife.

Prague Bather 5


25 x 30" / Fiber reactive dyed silk, batik process Certainly the most detailed in the series so far, Prague Bather 5 evokes solitary introspection. The figure takes an emotion-filled moment to refl...

Irene Knees


25 x 20" / Photography



28 x 20" / Digital PhotoBlue at WSP side lighting

Jessica Torso


20 x 25" / Photography



20 x 17" / OilThis is an oil on panel inspired by a photo taken by Jarylle Adriane Paloma. It depicts a human form that is illuminated by a lone lamp in a corner of the busy Southbound Subway line ...

Dancer's Pose


30 x 15" / mixed mediumI took the reference for this painting from a drawing that I did of a live model in a drawing class in 2006.

Prague Bather 1


34 x 20.5" / Fiber reactive dye on silk, batik processIn the first installment in Hauser’s Prague Bathers series, the ephemerality of fleeting private moments in captured in the figure’s stylized p...

Women Under the Mesa #5


9 x 15" / Pyro-etched taskboard, gouache, ink, casein, graphiteTaskboard incised with a variety of super heated metal tools (pyro-etching) then saturated with various wet mediums. Mediums may be al...



11 x 14" / photography

Clouded Head


11 x 11" / Charcoal, Watercolor, AcrylicMy head is clouded with memories of the past and visions of the future. My body flickers in the present.