Textile / Fiber Fine Art

May 26 - Jun 27, 2021

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Waxing and Waning


35 x 26" / Fiber, paperWhen we look into the microcosm of life, we see our ocean tides are controlled by the lunar cycle, butterflies emerge from a cycle that begins with a chrysalis, seasons of th...



24 x 14" / FiberHand-dyed, hand painted & commercial cotton, giclee print, cotton thread, cotton batting & backing. Machine pieced and quilted, mounted.



20 x 18.5" / Fiber / Eco-dyed leaves imprinted on cotton sateen, surface designed fabric with hand stitching and machine quilted wall hanging. Sun printed seed pods on cotton and organza.

PForm 1


22 x 9" / Textile3D textile form. Hand printed, painted and cut and reassembled textile. Free motion machine stitching, hand stitched and formed.



12 x 12" / Embroidery floss, hemp canvas, hand built canvasA small rainbow colored piece with “Sashiko stitching” an ancient Japanese technique. Used primarily in clothing repair and decoration. He...

The Long Goodbye


33 x 44" / textile

Sweet Song From an Old...


18 x 34" / Fabric and ThreadThe old fiddle has been around for many years and has played at many a celebration and lamentation. It bears the scars of good times and bad. And, for all of this, when ...

Soar to the Light


33 x 37" / Art QuiltSometimes it is when a light passes from this world onto the next, that change and growth are the impact and end result -but what high price! This piece is about the mothers tha...



16 x 29.75" / Embroidery on Linen

Well Rooted


59 x 23" / fiberhand dyed fabrics, thread painting, appliqued images, machine quilted

Scattering Leaves 2


68 x 25" / fiberEarth toned pieces of fabric collaged and sewn together. Painted leaf and checked motifs dance across the surface.

Tea Bag Dress 2


56 x 35" / fiberused tea bags hand stitched together, printed and painted, layered and hand stitched