Texas: Big Bend National Park

Big Bend in southwest Texas delights visitors with it’s sublime Chihuahuan Desert, river-carved canyons, and grand mountain landscapes in the Chisos range. There are photogenic dark night skies, excellent birding, and one of the most diverse cactus populations in the country.  

Big Bend’s photography showcases the beautiful sunrise and sunsets among the Chisos Mountains, Balancing Rock, Lost Mine, the Rio Grande river and more. 

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Hard Beauty

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A volcanic past and desert harshness doesn't prevent the hardy from survival. Depending on soil and weather conditions, the cactus will turn colors from green to teal to red to purple.

Chisos Mountains in th...

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Heavy snow in Big Bend covered the Chisos Mountains in over a foot of snow, a rare event that made the mountains beautiful...and the hiking challenging!

Chisos Sunset - Twilight

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As the sun sets behind me, the pink of the sky colors the orange of the mountains.

Behind the Window

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The Window Trail is a popular hiking trail in Big Bend. The view looking "out" the Window is lovely, but sometimes the best view is behind you!

Balancing Rock- Big Bend

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This was a location in Big Bend National Park that I had previously wanted to visit in the fall, but the weather and lighting was poor. On my next visit in April, I was blessed with great weather &...

Lost Mine View- Big Bend

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The Lost Mine Trailhead was a short distance from my campsite in the Chisos Basin area of the park. To get to the location in the early morning, it required an early hours dark start. Within two ho...


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A roadrunner in Big Bend is intently focused on the hunt.

Essence of Life

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Water is essential for life, and nowhere is this more dramatic than Big Bend National Park. This image captures the water cycle from desert to storm clouds to Rio Grande and verdant growth.

Out the Window

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A Texas sunset at the iconic Window nestled in the heart of the Chisos Basin in Big Bend National Park.

Dust Storm Sunrise

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While I was exploring Big Bend for several days, there was a pretty significant dust storm that lasted for at least two days. I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to get diffused photos...