Tabitha Benedict

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It was a Beautiful Thing


16 x 12" / Veneziano Plaster/Powdered Earth Pigments/WatercolorLayers of Veneziano Plaster give this piece a story of love, life, endings and beginnings. The poppies are bursting with deep color fr...



40 x 16" / Venetian Plaster/Acrylic on Canvas Layers of Venetian Plaster create texture and depth. Emulating a story of transcendence.

To Stand On One's Own


32 x 26" / Veneziano Plaster, Acrylic Fluids, Powdered Earth Pigments

Into The Mystic


16 x 12" / Veneziano Plaster/Powdered Earth Pigments/WatercolorLayered Veneziano Plaster create a mystical atmosphere for this colorful hummingbird painted in earth pigments.



36 x 36" / Veneziano Plaster/Powdered Earth Pigments/Acrylic and Graphite.Layered Authentic Veneziano Plaster mixed with Acrylic Fluids. The stag emerges first rendered in watercolor graphite and t...



48 x 48" / Venetian Plaster, Pastel, WaxThe lioness walks with power in her presence. Layers of plaster were generously applied with a palette knife and acrylic glazes. Her soft but powerful presen...

Gold Dust


48 x 24 - Molding Paste, Acrylic, Oil

Call of the Wild


Tabitha was one of 15 artists and 6 muralists chosen to create a work of art to promote reintroducing the gray wolf back into Colorado. 48 x 60" / Vasari Veneziano Plaster, painted in Acrylics and ...

Into the Unknown


Thin Layers of Venetian Plaster define the abstract background. The black wolf predicts something lying beneath the surface that you can't see physically, but you sense it. Listen to this. The blac...

Inner Beauty


36 x 12 x 1.5" Painting / Veneziano Plaster, Acrylic Fluids, Oils



40 x 30 x 1.5" / Venetian Plaster, Pastel, Acrylic Fluids, Charcoal



30 x 40 x 1.5" Painting / Venetian Plaster, Acrylic Fluids, Oil