Tabitha Benedict

 Colorado based artist, Tabitha Benedict, has been honing in on her skills with Venetian Plaster along with drawing and painting bringing about a perfect marriage of her two passions. Tabitha’s evolution into Venetian Plaster allows her to introduce the element of texture and storytelling. Tabitha is a bridge between the spiritual and physical worlds, uniting souls with their spirit animal and reuniting people with their past loved ones.

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20" x 20"/ Mixed Media/ Layered Venetian Plaster brings to life the transformation of this Butterfly into a space of free falling. Transformation isn't always linear. Its a composite of experien...

After The Rain


48 x 36" / Veneziano Plaster, Acrylic, Watercolor /  Layers of the finest natural Italian Plaster from Vasari. Plaster, as used by the ancients and through a good part of the medieval to Renaiss...



42 x 39" / Veneziano Plaster, Acrylic, Watercolor /  This piece was birthed from the idea of the consistent quest of finding courage.

Ancient Wisdom


16 x 30 x 1.5" Painting / Veneziano Plaster, Acrylic Fluids / Frog Spirit is one of transformation and can support us in a time of change. Rooted as a strong water element, but able to move from wa...

Lion's Gate


40 x 30"" / Veneziano Plaster/ Watercolor made from Soil / Inspired by a Journey into realms only seen when you have finally let go. Layers of Veneziano Plaster give this painting a very nostalgic ...

Opening Up


24 x 18" / Veneziano Plaster/ Watercolor made from Soil / Layers of Veneziano Plaster create depth in this One of a Kind work of art. The hummingbird encourages you to open up your soul and let you...



34.5 x 27" / Charcoal on Strathmore Paper / Inspired by a mourning dove outside my door as I was drawing this masked woman. 



Veneziano Paster, Acrylic Fluids, Oils / 14 x 11"

Stepping Up


Veneziano Paster, Acrylic Fluids, Oils / 32 x 26"



18 x 48 x 1.5" Painting / Veneziano Plaster, Acrylic Fluids, Oil

Seeing Through the Veil


40 x 30 x 1.5" Painting / Molding Paste, Acrylic Fluids



30 x 40 x 1.5" Painting / Venetian Plaster, Acrylic Fluids, Oil