Tabitha Benedict

 Colorado based artist, Tabitha Benedict, has been honing in on her skills with Venetian Plaster along with drawing and painting bringing about a perfect marriage of her two passions. Tabitha’s evolution into Venetian Plaster allows her to introduce the element of texture and storytelling. Tabitha is a bridge between the spiritual and physical worlds, uniting souls with their spirit animal and reuniting people with their past loved ones.

Available Works

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We Are In All Things


40 x 60" / Mixed Media on Marmorino Plaster /  Earth pigments and marmorino plaster all ground from natural earth materials. "We Are In All Things" was  inspired by the Legend of White Buffalo Calf...

Beyond Illusion


24x36"" / Veneziano Plaster/ Mixed Media  



42x39" / Veneziano Plaster, Acrylic, Watercolor /  This piece was birthed from the idea of the consistent quest of finding courage.

Ancient Wisdom


Frog Spirit is one of transformation and can support us in a time of change. Rooted as a strong water element, but able to move from water to land with ease. Frog is called for in a time of rebirth.



35x27" / Charcoal on Strathmore Paper / Inspired by a mourning dove outside my door as I was drawing this masked woman. 

Into the Unknown


48x60"/ Thin Layers of Venetian plaster define the abstract background. The black wolf predicts something lying beneath the surface that you can't see physically, but you sense it. Listen to this. ...