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Dreams of Convergence (Diptych)
Dreams of Convergence (Diptych)

Dreams of Convergence (Diptych)

T.M. Spring

15" x 54" / Photo on Canvas (Diptych)

"Silken lines intersect with the down-swell of bubbling waves, creating a rhythm in this timeless movement that reflects the flow and conflict of various convergence points in nature and in our human experience. 

Water, clean water, is the most valuable resource for the planet. We revel in its beauty, yet we are often separated from the life teeming vibrantly below the surface. This image is a reminder that our life on land is sustained by water sources." 

This 4.5-foot wide diptych that can be arranged horizontally, vertically, or in a unique pairing that fits your wall space. Each piece is 15-inches high. It is a soothing piece for a bedroom suite or office space. 

Dreams of Convergence is also available in a 4-foot wide fine art print on ready-to-hang backer board for $1,200. 

Custom sizes and formats are available to order. Please contact the gallery for details.

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