Sunrises & Sunsets

June 1st - July 10th

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Island Waters II


4 x 4" / Encaustic

Sunset Over Colorado M...


20 x 16" / WatercolorI’ve made a point of capturing as many sunrises and sunsets as possible with my camera. I’m 70 years old, and don’t know how many more will be experienced in my lifetime, so I’...

Abstract Sunset Over C...


20 x 16" / WatercolorMy abstract version of a Colorado sunset. I love the freedom of painting purely from my emotions.

Wild LIFE, Wild & Free


25 x 28" / FabricThis piece was in my mind for some time while watching the brilliant Colorado sunrises and sunsets, and the abundance of crows where I live. It finally all came together. I haven't...

Dark Sunset #3


18 x 24" / Watercolor, gold foilCombining watercolor and texture has become my favorite way to capture nature's most beautiful colors as they reflect on water. One of the best parts of creating art...

Sun Up


20 x 20" / AcrylicA joyful abstract landscape of deep blue mountains against a reflective lake. The intense red and blue colors emanate joy and excitement.

Hawaii Vibe


30 x 24" / AcrylicThis is my vision of the surreal beauty brought out by the naturally radiant colors of the Hawaiian mountains and seascape at sunrise or sunset. Not as good as being in Hawaii, bu...

Olympic Revelation


22 x 25" / PastelI'm fascinated by how light, especially at sunrise and sunset, affects the mood of a painting. This pastel was inspired by a trip to the Pacific Northwest coastline, with its beaut...

Slow Release of the Day


12 x 24" / Encaustic on wood panelThe last part of the day, slowly slipping away, leaving a glow of sun in the mountains.

Hidden Lake


24 x 24" / Oil"Hidden Lake" was inspired by a dramatic sunset near a small lake near Meeker Park, CO. It was a quiet, peaceful summertime evening with highly contrasting pine trees in the foreground.

White Sands Sunset


17 x 21" / Archival Photographic PrintSunset at White Sands National Park

Winter Park Sunset


16 x 20" / Photography on Metal / Out walking the dogs in Winter Park, CO, when the sky over the ski area turned fiery red in the crisp evening air.