Shannon Mello

Shannon has been creating art her whole life. She has also always been a lover of nature and the great outdoors, ever since she can remember. The artwork she creates, whether it is the materials or the subject matter itself, will almost always have a connection to nature. 

Encaustic is made from beeswax and tree resin, which somehow naturally seems to have the most incredible soothing effect. Watercolors create ethereal lands, usually complemented by the use of gold or copper leafing. Shannon’s cold wax & oil paintings usually depict an abstracted landscape with subtle earth tones, contrasted by small bits of breaking light. 

Shannon has taken many different paths with artwork, but the sure constant is that inspiration is always available if she steps outside.

Shannon has two amazing children and a husband who also share her love of the outdoors. They emphasize the arts in their family, and inspire their children to take risks and create with whatever is available, from pine cones to canvas. During the day, Shannon is a homeschooling teacher. By night, after the kids are sleeping, she hops herself up on coffee and creates.

Shannon hopes this artwork inspires you to take risks and find your own means of creation. Maybe it’s visually, mentally, spiritually, or physically. Maybe it’s with pine cones. Whatever you do, do it with love.

9 items

In the Early Morning


36 x 48" / Encaustic

Born Again




Like Lamp Light


8 x 8" / Encaustic Atmospheric encaustic landscape on cradled panel.

Grain Songs


9.5 x 9.5" / Encaustic Atmospheric encaustic painting on cradled panel.

Past the Cairns


36 x 36" / Encaustic

Reflecting Waters


16 x 16" / EncausticReflecting Waters subtly represents the delicate waves, ripples, and textures that may be observed in water's reflection. You will notice layers of cellular-like textures comple...



48 x 60" / Cold Wax & Oil

Likewise the Lustre


50 x 50" / Cold Wax & Oil