Feb 23rd - Mar 27th, 2022

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48 x 60" / Acrylic & Acrylic Medium on CanvasThis was my 2020 masterpiece. I worked on it for half the year and I have stared at it since. I'm not even sure what it is about it. It somehow seem...

Alice au revoir


20 x 16" / MonoprintThis monoprint was made with Charbonnel oil-based etching inks, printed on Arches Cover paper and printed on an etching press. By reflecting beyond the appearances we so careful...

Breathtaking View at B...


17.25 x 21.25 Inchec" / PhotographyThis view took my breath away as I hiked around Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Vivid Contemplations


20 x 24" / Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

Winter Sunrise


16 x 16" / Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

Cherry Island Reflections


16 x 20" / WatercolorPainting by the edge of the lake, I was fascinated by the reflections on the water. My favorite place in Maine.

Energy Reflected


20 x 26" / Watercolor

One Light V


17 x 14" / Fine Art Photography /For those moments in life that call for a miracle...This beautiful, ethereal angel-shaped cloud appeared at sunset. It floats in the ray of light above the mountain...

Birds in Flight

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Birds in flight doubled with a reflection. For once the seas were calm around South Georgia Island allowing steady legs and an interesting backdrop reflection.

The soulful canal, Venice


33 x 24" / Photography B&W /Venice is one of the most colorful, vibrant cities I've visited. With the myriad canals, water reflection, and face pace its a photographers paradise. That said, its...



34.75 x 15" / Copper, liver of sulfur, woodCopper tiles mounted on a wood panel



16 x 20" / Sculptural BasketryAn echo, acoustic or visual, engenders a harmonic tranquility as you are transported back and forth across the reflective interface.