Paul Malinowski

Born in Chicago, Illinois prior to the advent of the Gregorian calendar, Paul Malinowski’s age is impossible to know without carbon dating. He loved many things about growing up in Chicago, of which two were his favorites: Wrigley Field (home of the baseball Cubs) and the Art Institute (home of his beloved Constable and Hopper paintings among many others). He received his BA from Beloit (WI) College and then a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. His education temporarily derailed his interests, especially baseball after seriously injuring his knee while playing on the college baseball team. Besides, he realized his beloved Cubs would never win a World Series, right?

His love of art transitioned into a love of photography when he picked up a Konica Rangefinder camera in college. He self-taught himself photography by purchasing the entire multiple-volume collection of the beautifully written and bound Time Life series on photography. He eventually bought himself an enlarger and darkroom supplies and turned his apartment’s only bathroom into a fully functional darkroom.