Pamela McCann

Whether you call it fused glass, kiln formed or warm glass....this is Pamela's artistic playground. Pamela's art begins with a vision on paper. Next, a single piece of glass, usually clear. Pamela then builds on the clear glass with sheets of colored glass, adding powdered glass and enamels, firing (heating) with graduated precision in
a kiln up to five times to create her vision. Pamela says that this beauty of glass is seductive to the artists and collectors alike, due to the translucent attributes. It is not easy to create art with glass, but it offers endless opportunities to grow and experiment, to create art that is unique, transforming and moving.
16 items

Aspen Shadows


12" x 19" x 2" / Fused Glass

Aspens in Fall


31x12 / Fused Glass

Firelight Styxs XXX


44x5x2" / Fused Glass

Trees in Trees


Fused Glass Trees

Chili Peppers


Fused glass ornaments or suncatchers.

Angel Wings


Ornaments or Suncatchers - pink still available.

Firelight Styxs XXXI


44" x 5" x 2" / Fused Glass

Aspens Bowl with Orang...


16x16x3" / Fused Glass

Forever Sunflower


Fused glass frit stretch bowl / 11 x 11 x 22"

Tuxedo Time


Fun wall hanging / 15 x 6" / Glass

Waterfall Fantasy


16x18" / Glass / The waterfall invites you to dive in and forget all



10x10" / Glass plate / Fused stringers, cut and designed