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Winter Out My Widow


16 x 13" / Mixed media Liquid graphite with buff-tone watercolor plus ArtDisk pure carbon and marker.

Enduring Beauty


26 x 32 / Watercolor

Maze in a Vase


15 x 12" / Watercolor and Ink

Leaning Tower of Pears


7.5 x 11" / WatercolorWho can resist painting the wide variety of pears?

Colors of Maine #2


19 x 23" / WatercolorI love the coast of Maine with the smell of salt in the air and water splashing on rocks. These are the colors I see and feel, even though a camera may not capture them.

Reaching for the Moon


23 x 19" / WatercolorBeautiful roses shining in the moonlight.

Maroon Bells Wildflowers


23 x 28" / WatercolorA meadow of wildflowers with Maroon Bells in the distance.

Peonies Opening


23 x 19" / Watercolor

Shooting Stars


15.5 x 12.5" / WatercolorTucked away in a wet, rocky crevice, the tiny purple flowers of the Shooting Star caught my eye on a June hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. With their unique inverted s...

A Walk in the Forest


33 x 27" / watercolor and ink

Through All Seasons gi...


16.5 x 16" / watercolorWe all walk down this road through the seasons of our life. The foreground starts out with springtime, progressing through the years until we come to the winter vignette in t...

Summer's Cascade


20 x 12' / Watercolor Plain Air watercolor painting of a beautiful peaceful waterfall not far from Georgetown, CO.