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24 x 18 / Acrylic on canvas

Hidden Messages


39 x 31 / Acrylic, Oil, Ink graphite with collage on paperPainting on paper with collage - matted and framed

Boketto #12


24 x 24 / Oil on CanvasBoketto, in Japanese, means gazing vacantly into the distance without thinking. This view is my emotional response to sunrises and meditation. I share my contemplation.

Seijaku #727


25 x 36 / Oil on canvas. 15-30 layers of transparent oil glazesSeijaku, tranquility in the midst of daily turmoil. Fascinated by the dichotomy between order and chaos—especially in today's constant...



20 x 16 / Oil/AcrylicVariation on Red...

Mirrored Thoughts


20 x 16 / Oil



36 x 36 / Acrylic on canvas

Garden Party


20 x 20 / Alcohol ink on Yupo, framedReady for Spring, flowers bursting through the ground. Did you ever wonder what occurs below the surface?

Emergence: Absence


20 x 26 / Wood panels, paper, acrylic, inkwood panels in an irregular shape, with a hole. Light spilling through the darkness, with pain and trouble threatening.



33 x 28 / Oil, oil pen and cold waxOil and cold wax on Arches oil paper. Gallery-style maple frame.

As Soon As I Say Somet...


28 x 24 / oil on canvasDedicated to the limitations of the spoken word. The title lies buried in the painting. More noticeable is a subtext in the upper left that reads, "Violate Free Speech." Some...