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Sunlit Rim


21 x 31 / Oils on wood veneerOils painted on camphor wood veneer. Known for its beautiful burls, camphor is native to Southeast Asia. It has uniform, medium texture, with a high natural luster. The...

All that Glitters


12 x 12 / Acrylic on paperAn abstract exploring the chaotic layers and intertwining of life's experiences. This was painted at a workshop in France where I was rediscovering the importance of my ar...

Flowing Thru


11 x 14 / Acrylic on canvasThis was done in layers which were sealed in between. I wanted to give the feeling of water flowing thru desert sand.

Organic Evolution


18 x 18 / Acrylic on wood panelan imprecise circular matrix, layered repetition, an abstract mandala carries me into memories that fade into the present, the layers vibrate and shake loose those me...

Secret Garden with Sof...


48 x 36 / Watermedia on canvas

The Long Watch


3 x 3 / Acrylic on wood

Transcendental Nature


22 x 18 / Cold Wax and Oil on Panel, framed



48 x 24 / Acrilic on Canvas



38 x 26 / Oil on Canvas



52 x 44 / Acrylic on canvas

Brighter Days


30 x 30 / Acrylic on CanvasBrighter Days - Bringing hope during the COVID-19 pandemic

Bird Nest


12 x 12 / AcrylicBirds are a symbol of freedom, a bird's nest a symbol of home, where families grow and prosper with the goal of the young to leave the family's nest. A good luck symbol, finding a ...