Oregon: Crater Lake National Park

The iconic pure, deep blue lake is the namesake of this southern Oregon park atop the Cascade Mountain Range. Crater Lake was formed by Mount Mazama, a collapsed volcano more than 7,000 years ago and can be viewed by hiking the numerous trails or by driving Rim Drive, which surrounds the lake and offers views of the volcanic formations.  Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States and, filled only by rain and snow, is one of the most pristine bodies of water on earth. 

Enjoy the spectacular photography of this iconic park, which includes winter and summer lake scenes, night skies over the Wizards, and a reflective view of the Phantom Ship.

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Crater Lake Spring (2018)

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Even volcanos have a super bloom. And what a thrill it is. To walk among the vibrant yellows, reds and purples is exciting. And when all this delicate beauty is set against the harsh, angular volca...

Phantom Ship Setting S...

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Phantom Ship, with its masts rising high to catch the wind, leaves the quiet harbor to venture across the lake. “Fair winds.”

Pinnacles 1 (2018)

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These spikes, born of boiling fumaroles, are like a Medieval torture chamber. And yet, they possess a stately grandeur that also conjures a fantasy castle. They are grand, jetting upwards like they...

Wizard Island 1 (2020)

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It’s a beautiful day. Clouds drift across the sky. The air is clear. The water is a pure blue. And wizard island makes its appearance from the depths of the crater.

Wizard Island 2 (2019)

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Wizard island cannot be ignored and for good reason. It rises from the depths of the crater, a volcano within a volcano. Its existence is in harmony with its surroundings, a welcome presence.

Airglow Above Wizards ...

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Stunning airglow colors over the beautiful Crater Lake. It was a great night not too windy or cold and so much action in the sky. It has our neighbor galaxy Andromeda, some planets Jupiter and Satu...

Phantom Ship

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Volcanic remnants create fanciful illusions in this iconic lake.

Winter Magic

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Fresh snow adds drama to this clear, deep volcanic-formed lake.

Wizard Island

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Crater Lake's Wizard Island

Crater Lake

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Crater Lake Panorama

Crater Lake

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Lingering snow on The Watchman mountain above Wizard Island in Crater Lake.