Night Skies

Jul 18 - Aug 18, 2020

During the daytime, our skies are filled with light, clouds, and the vast blue atmosphere. However, when the sun goes down, everything changes. We get a glimpse of the universe beyond and see our world transform under the blanket of darkness.


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Pastel Skies


12 x 36 / Metal PrintThe Milkyway over Independence Pass, Colorado. Green airglow and orange light pollution from nearby Buena Vista combine with the Milkyway to create a unique, colorful sky.

Milky Way


12 x 16 / Archival Pigmented PrintArchival Pigmented Print on 100% Rag Paper

Lunar Veil


14 x 18 / OilA dramatic cloud-scape covering a very bright full moon. It was like an ocean of clouds swirling around the moon. I little more impressionistic than my usual work due to the subject ma...



16 x 24 / Digital image on acrylic.An intense moment frozen in time. The Aurora Borealis framing the mountains in the background and Vikbutan Bay in the foreground, Lofoten Islands, Norway.

Coastal glow, South Be...


19 x 23 / Digital photograph

Content Inside


12 x 12 / oil on canvassnow covered, lamplit street of tract homes.

Blue Moon


16 x 19 / Fiber/ Dry feltingFelted fibers; a combination of alpaca, silk, corn top and llama. All hand-dyed for this project.

The Way


6 x 6 / acrylic on canvasThe Milky Way

The Continental Divide...


12 x 36 / Photo on AcrylicThis is a photo of the Continental Divide from Rocky Mountain National Park consisting of a sequence of 96 photos stitched together to create this high resolution panorami...

Galaxy (11)


22.5 x 28.5 / TextileHand and machine needle felted wool roving and cotton lint on wool; hand embroidered, beaded and stitched.

Heavens Above


18 x 12 / MonotypeVast skies and starry nights atop Mt. Haleakala on Maui inspired me to really stretch to create a rendition of Hokunohoapuni, The Milky Way. This 5 plate monotype started with a l...

Prairie Night Sky


24 x 30 / Oil"Creating this painting was a magical experience for me, as if it already existed and I simply needed to shed light upon it. I'd recently moved from the foothills of Boulder further ea...