Nathan Eigenfeld

Nathan Eigenfeld is a 3rd generation mixed race adoptee and photographer based in Rollinsville, CO. From an early age, his adoption social worker described him as curious and gregarious - she was right. In his attempt to document his life’s adventure, he has traveled all over North America via his trusty truck and tiny house trailer. In many ways, he has always taken his own road, acquiring a PhD in engineering, working as an Alaskan heli-ski guide and living on an off-grid wildlife refuge in the mountains of Colorado, to name a few stops along the way. Wild landscapes are his speciality. As a child, he was drawn to such spaces as they felt safe to contain his large emotions he often hid during childhood surrounding the complicated nature of his adoption - grief, confusion, despair to name a few.  He is grateful to have been brought to tears by the Canadian Rockies at an early age, helping to identify the healing power of nature and instilling in him a love for stunning natural beauty. Capturing the raw immensity and powerful drama of the wild are among his focuses, often traveling by foot, kayak, snowmobile, motorcycle, swim or ski to reach remote landscapes. His work follows a quest, one to recreate his recurring childhood dreams of searching for who he was and where he came from. Dreams that required traversing alone as a child, deeper and deeper into a variety of wildernesses, searching for something unknown to him. As Nathan has awoken to his own story in life, he aims to bring these dreams to reality. He enjoys capturing the abstract beauty of nature’s never ending drama, reflecting his own emotional journey and aims to inspire others’ own healing.
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16 x 24" / Photography on Metal

Alpine Pride

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18" x 12" / Photo on Metal / Shot through a rainbow from above in the alpine Tundra near James Peak.

Capital Heights

$95 $2,200

18" x 12" / Photo on Metal / This is Capital peak outside Aspen Colorado done Nathan's signature style

The Lonely War

$95 $2,200

18" x 12" / Photo on Metal / This tree is at the top of the first flat iron, so it is indeed a local shot of Boulder despite its abstract nature


$95 $2,200

18" x 12" / Photo on Metal / This atmospheric phenomenon, the blue/pink/yellow gradient, is known as Venus' Belt. The blue is the shadow of the earth, opposite of sunset and the pink is refracted l...

Head in the Clouds

$95 $2,200

18" x 12" / Photo on Metal / This is South Arapahoe peak, which towers above Boulder

Dune Rising

$95 $2,200

18" x 12" / Photo on Metal / This was shot during sunrise in Death Valley at the Mesquite Dunes

Enchanted Abyss

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18" x 12" / Photo on Metal


$95 $2,200

18" x 12" / Photo on Metal/ Moon rise during sunset

Estival Solstice


12 x 8" / Print on Metal

Snowline Lake


20 x 30" / Photography on Metal

Van der Waals


24 x 36" / Photography