Nancy Kirkendall

Nancy Kirkendall is a cold wax and oil artist who draws from her experience and interaction with her environment. Nancy lives in the mountains, and sees shadow and light fall on mountaintops and reflect on roaring creeks and waterfalls. She watches as colors melt in the Colorado sky. Nancy says her paintings are studies of nature’s light, shadows, and reflections. Through color, shape, and texture, Nancy brings her artistic visions and insights from nature into her art. 

Nancy attributes her drive to become an artist to a painting by her Aunt Marjorie of white rose in a sapphire vase, which hung in her grandparent’s home. She spent hours staring at the piece as a child, thinking, “one day, I will be an artist.” She took lessons after school from other artists in the community, and during her freshman year of college, she declared herself an art major. After this, though, Nancy’s life took several unexpected turns, and she did not pick up a brush until the autumn of her life. Now, she can’t seem to put it down. In her words, “a flaming passion for painting flows through my veins.”

Available Works

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Santa Fe


24 x 36" / Cold Wax & Oil / Reflections of Santa Fe, New Mexico



12 x 12" / Cold Wax & Oil on Panel



21x17" / Cold Wax & Oil on Panel

Foothills from Boulder...


20x24" / Cold Wax and Oil

Caribou Ridge


36 x 36" / Cold Wax & Oil on PanelWhimsical painting of wildflowers and fields on Caribou Ridge above Nederland, CO.



18 x 24" / Cold Wax & Oil on Panel / Introspection of mountain, water and sky.

Driving Home From Utah


24x24" / Cold Wax and Oil / Driving home from Utah to Colorado in early morning light. The sunrise reflected a pink tint on the mountains.

Lotus In Rain


8 x 8" / Cold Wax and Oil on Panel

A Thin Place


38x49" / Cold Wax and Oil /  A Thin Place - Recollections of Ion, Scotland.

Vanity Affair


18 x 12" / Cold Wax and Oil on Panel

Deep Owl


8 x 8" / Cold Wax and Oil on Panel

Snow Bird


8 x 8" / Cold Wax and Oil on Panel