Nancy Brewster

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Buffy the Bison Brown/...


Buffy the Bison is handwoven with polymer clay legs + hooves + horns. His beard, tail and family jewels are of natural sheep flocks.

Buffy the Bison Gold


Buffy the Bison is a cousin to Ralphie, the CU Buffalo's mascot. She is a had woven version, with polymer legs/hooves and horns and sheep's flocks for beard, tail and dangly parts. No feeding requi...

Feeling Sheepish? Soft...


Feeling Sheepish is embellished with a face and ears of polymer clay, legs of tree branches, and actual sheep flocks around the face.

Purple Bird Jewelry Set


This bird has sea urchin as legs and milliner's flower stamens as a tail. The matching earrings show the warp of the hand weaving via knotted fringe.

Brown + Black Sheepish...


This is the smaller, wearable version of "A Little Sheepish," with hand woven body, polymer clay head + ears, yarn tail and wire feet, with matching earrings.

A Little Sheepish


6 x 7" / Hand woven textileA Little Sheepish honors weaving's roots in sheep's wool. Since my hand woven fabric is challenging to articulate fine detail, I explored working with polymer clay for th...



20 x 12" / Hand woven + mixed mediaThe Koshari is my signature piece. He is a Hopi "clown"; performing at tribal ceremonies, acting out those behaviors the tribe is NOT to emulate. I designed him...

After the Red Barn


33 x 33" / Hand woven with red dogwood frameHand woven wall hanging inspired by a piece of ZZ Wei artwork, with hand made frame of red dogwood