Montana: Glacier National Park

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Glacier National Park ...

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This is a higher res image than my previous one I sent earlier. You are welcome to keep both and print accordingly (16x24" vs 20x30").

Trees in Fog

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Pine trees in a recent burn area seem mystical in a morning fog at Glacier National Park.

Row of Trees, Autumn

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Cloudy skies help the golden hue of a row of trees along Saint Mary Lake in Glacier National Park.

Tree and Cliff

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Many people assume that good landscape photography is only possible with sunlight. But, clouds can often add a mood to the scene, like these wispy low clouds hovering a mountain ridge in Glacier Na...

Creek in Evening

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Scattered bits of evening light touch a mountain peak as McDonald Creek flows over flattened and shape rock slabs, Glacier National Park, Montana.


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It is always amazing to see what flowing water does to rock. Here at the Sunrift Gorge in Glacier National Park, the creek managed to cut a perfect 90-degree turn in the rock. I learned later that ...

From the Ashes

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A cluster of new trees spring up from the soot and ashes from a recent forest fire near Many Glacier Road on the east side of Glacier National Park, Montana.

Running Eagle Falls

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There are actually two separate waterfalls at Running Eagle Falls. During the spring run-off, water rushes over the top ledge, creating a 40-foot drop. Water also flows through a sink hole at the t...


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Waterfall in Glacier National Park

Sunrise over Wild Goos...

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Sun rising behind Wild Goose Island in St. Mary's Lake in Glacier National Park

Glacier Peaks

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Fall colors and snow come together to showcase the white capped mountains of Glacier National Park.