Molly Box

Molly Box is an award winning artist and graphic designer. Her passion for wildlife, fly-fishing, and the great outdoors can easily be seen through her work. Molly is best-known for her signature mixed media drawings and oil paintings of North American wildlife and fish/fly-fishing themed work. "I believe very strongly in observing your environment and creating art based on your surroundings and experiences. I grew up in Wyoming and reside in Colorado, so I naturally have a love for the West and interest in wildlife. I’m an avid angler and outdoorswoman. I also believe that the American West is young, new, vibrant, colorful, and ever-changing."
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Vintage Fly Reel


9 x 9" / Framed / Unique mixed media drawing of a vintage fly fishing reel, done as a contemporary still life.

White Gyrfalcon


9 x 9" / Framed / Mixed Media Drawing



10" x 16" / Framed / Oil painting of a female pronghorn antelope serving as a nanny to the others in her herd. 

Yellowstone Cutthroat


9 x 12" / Framed / This is an original mixed media drawing of a Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout pursuing a wet fly. 

Dave's Hopper


5 x 7" / Framed / Mixed media drawing of the popular dry fly, a Dave's Hopper 

Young Pronghorn


6 x 6" / Beautiful original oil painting of a young pronghorn antelope

Violaceous Bison


10 x 8" / Framed / Oil painting of a bison confidently striding towards you

Mountain Meadow


20 x 22" / Mixed Media

Colorful Bugger


6.5 x 8.5"/ Framed / Mixed media drawing of a wet fly streamer.

Trout Fly Collection


8 x 24" / Framed / This piece features 5 miniature mixed media drawings of various trout fly patterns. They include the popular Blue Dun and Adams flies. 

Out of My Way


20 x 24" / Framed / This is a mixed media drawing and collage done on mylar. It features a brown and rainbow trout, with a streamer fly streaking across. It also has layers of drawings that give it...

All Rigged Up


76 x 28"/ Framed / This is a unique mixed media drawing of a fly rod, with a Platte River Special streamer fly dangling at the end of the line.