Missouri: Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch National Park is an urban park in St. Louis, Missouri that commemorates the role of westward expansion of the United States in the nineteenth century. The weighted catenary arch is 630-feet high and is the tallest self-supported building in the state. 

Artwork showcasing this park is a study in architectural beauty with swooping lines set against a manicured landscape.

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Gateway Arch In Arch

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This detailed infrared image of the Gateway Arch National Park provides a unique perspective of the famous landmark.

Reflections of Gateway...

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The Gateway Arch was designed by architect Eero Saarinen who won the design competition in 1947. The stainless steel structure rises 630 feet high from a 60-foot foundation and spans 630 feet at gr...

Gateway Arch Sunset

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As the sun sets over Gateway Arch National Park, the arch itself takes on a beautiful glow.

Gateway Arch Grandeur

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One of our first looks at Gateway Arch had us speechless. It was an amazing sight to see the grand stainless steel monument standing 630 feet above us in honor of those heading West.


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Gateway Arch, St. Louis. January 2017

An arch on heaven

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Isolated view of the majestic Gateway Arch with a blue sky background in Sant Louis, Missouri