Minnesota: Voyageurs National Park

Northern Minnesota lakes and forests encompass 218,000 acres and bridge the gap between southern boreal and northern hardwood forests. The land encompasses an ecosystem with wetlands and rock ridges among the three main lakes. The park is near the Canadian border and winter visitors have been known to experience the Northern Lights. 

The park's artwork shows colorful water reflections and sunset horizons.

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Voyagers National Park is in Northern Minnesota, near International Falls. This image was taken during the Summer of 2021.

Into The Woods

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This walking path in Voyagers National Park was being enjoyed by many visitors to the park.

Voyageurs Sunset

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Sunset near Kettle Falls on the Minnesota/Canadian border in Voyageurs National Park.

Voyager Reflections

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"Voyager Reflections", Namakan Lake, Voyagers National Park in Minnesota.