Sanctum Artema Sanctum Artema Sanctum Artema

Sanctum Artema

Artist: Meghann & Kevin Haase


Step into the mystical world of 'Sanctum Artema,' a mesmerizing mixed-media dimensional artwork that showcases the intertwining symbolism surrounding the goddess Artemis. Drawing from the rich tapestry of ancient and contemporary belief practices, 'Sanctum Artema' echoes the omnipresence of Artemis' influence in the natural world, encompassing realms of the hunt, the moon's cycles, wildlife, and fertility. At its heart, a hand-carved wooden deer skull dons striking rebar antlers, adeptly (and mathematically— this is Kevin, after all) forged by hand. The antlers cradle a wooden crescent moon, enwreathed with a burst of meticulously crafted flowers. Each flower was crafted petal by petal using acrylic paint and resin, culminating in a breathtaking symphony of blooms. Within the crescent moon, a layered mountain range crafted from reclaimed metal completes the artistic ecosystem.

Collections: Meghann & Kevin Haase

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