Maine: Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is known for its stunning fall foliage among 47,000 wooded acres, glacier-scoured granite mountain peaks, and rocky beach coastline in Maine. It is one of the most popular national parks with 158 miles of hiking trails. Unique to the park is 45 miles of “carriage roads” which are prime scenic-vista roads where cars are not allowed, but visitors can still travel by horse and carriage, or current modes of biking and skiing. 

Acadia’s artwork includes bold autumn leaves in gold and red, along with a rugged rocky coastline where it meets the swirling New England sea.

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Thunder Hole Poison Ivy

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Poison Ivy growing in the rocks at Thunder Hole, Acadia National Park turns blood red in Autumn.

Blue River Gold

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Water reflects the sky with golden grasses of Autumn in Acadia.

Fall Blueberries & Pine

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Blueberry bushes and pine bough in fall color, Acadia National Park

Lilly Pad Reflection

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Fall colors reflect in pond wilth lilypads. Acadia National Park.

The Moment of Sunset

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Bass Harbor Head Light Station, as this lighthouse is named in the US National Register of Historic Places, marks the entry to Bass Harbor and Blue Hill Bay. A lighthouse has stood here since 1858....

Evening Light on Schoo...

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A still pond reflects the evening sky at Schoodic Point in Acadia National Park, Maine.

Acadia NP_Grasses in M...

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*Feel free to edit text on any of my three entries. May 2021, on the Jesup Path Boardwalk in Acadia NP. Along the boardwalk of the Jesup Path, the wind blows through the birch and hardwood t...

Sunrise, Eagle Lake

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This was taken just before sunrise at Eagle Lake on a fall morning. There was a chill in the air that actually enhanced the depth of color because of no haze. I used the highlight in the water to c...

Sunrise on the Coast

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My son and I got up early in Maine to watch the sunrise. Early in Maine in the Summer means 3:00 AM. We set up and then stood in the dark and waited. All of a sudden our world was filled was a beau...

Acadia NP_Swirl Wave t...

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May 2021, off the Coastal Path in Acadia NP. Morning and the seas are relatively calm, but the endless in and out motion of each wave holds my attention. A slightly more prolonged exposure crea...

Acadia NP_Boulder Beac...

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May 2021, off of the Ocean Path in Acadia NP. Boulder Beach looking south. Above me, Acadia is bustling, a busy day is in progress. But, with a longer exposure, the seas transform to create a m...

Otter Cliffs Acadia Na...

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This image at Otter Cliffs was captured right after sunrise on a fall morning. I used a long exposure to smooth out the ocean thereby blending it with the cloud formation. The rocky terrain is char...