Let It Pop!

Mar 30th - Apr 24th, 2022

Artwork Inspired by the Pop Art Movement tags:exhibit,past
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Robo Tagger


14 x 14" / Digital Media / Photography / Image 8x8 with frame 12x12"

Cherry-Bow Road


41x31"/ Oil Paint on Stretched Canvas/ Oil on canvas. POP art classic subject (cherries) riding a rainbow made from glow in the dark paint (will look cool with a blacklight!).

Corgi Nude


10.5 x 13.3" / Pieced AcrylicThis work focuses on one of the most iconized objects in human life: the dog. It uses simple shapes and a model- like human pose to highlight our zealous love for these...

Puppy Pops


14 x 14" / Digital Media / Photography /  Multi Images of Dogs...Image 8x8 with frame 12x12

Imagining Good Times


16 x 20" / Mixed MediaMy Pop Art version of a young woman fantasizing about a time when she can travel to Hawaii.

Starbucks on my Mind


12 x 12" / Mixed MediaStarbucks is a staple in popular culture these days. The motifs in the background represent the thoughts of many people who are wondering when they will get their next coffee ...



12 x 9" / Watercolor on cradleThis is the second ot a diptych of Betty White, painted in a pop art fashion

RBG- Be brave, dream big


20 x 16" / mixed mediaMixed media using layers of acrylic paint with etchings, collaged lettering from a tea stained copy of The Constitution, mirrors, metal stars and RBG looking directly at the v...

Bazooka Joe


8 x 10" / India ink wash, watercolor, encausticAmericanized Chinese Brush Painting: Food Series

Yummy Gummy Worms


12 x 12" / PhotographyEnjoy these yummy gummy worms set in an espresso cup in this still-life photograph.



36 x 36" / Acrylic PaintPOP ART portrait of Boston terrier puppy dog face.

Whimsical Crazy Cute


5 x 6.25" / Mixed MediaWhimsical Crazy Cute is a fused glass and hand beaded piece that has a variety of simple shapes, bold colors and fun textures. The glass has been kiln fired and fire polished...