Kathy Sievering

Kathy Sievering leaned on art to help her cope. At the age of five, she lost her father. Years of feeling frozen thawed when her third-grade teacher noticed her creative side. He asked her to help him decorate bulletin boards. Her art teacher also noticed her artistic skills. Kathy’s Halloween paintings were chosen twice to be painted on local storefront windows. She drew constantly, often being asked to “pay attention,” when doodling in school. Kathy drew because it made her feel happy and helped her express herself. After forty plus years as a school psychologist and two failed attempts to retire Kathy is ready to
commit to art. She wants to focus on the positive qualities of life. All her paintings emerge
from strong feelings. Kathy decided to “paint with a purpose” several years ago. Many of her paintings are expressions of intense feelings, and a desire to make the world a better place. Instead of dwelling on the darkness and issues that are beyond her control, Kathy focuses on beauty, hope, love, and all that is good. Know that every one of her paintings is painted with intention. Kathy looks hard to find the beauty and goodness in all that surrounds her. Her mentor and friend, Anne Gifford taught her watercolor techniques. Kathy is very grateful for Anne’s guidance, talent, and inspiration.
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Lahaina's 150 Year Old...


16 x 20" / Watercolor / After the horrific fire in Maui in August 2023, the historic Banyan Tree appears to be making a recovery. The tree was a gift from missionaries in India. It was planted on A...

Maui Rainforest Ti Plant


8 x 10" / Watercolor / The artist took a photo of the Ti plant while walking in a rainforest in Maui on the way to a magnificent waterfall. The striking colors of the Ti plant caught her eye. She k...

Garden of the Gods


14 x 12" / Watercolor / Kendra lost her mother recently. She posted a photo of this view of the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. She said it was one of her mother's favorite locations. Despi...

Spring Day in Boulder


13 x 16" / Watercolor / Spring in Boulder often brings life changing rains. Rains that allow the "Foothills" to thrive. The rain clouds give Boulderites warning that rain is approaching.

Misty Mountains


16 x 14" / Watercolor / Mountain forests are healing. The calmness and earthy scents enrich the experience of walking amid nature. Colorado offers many paths to hike, observe and ponder life.

Light at the End of th...


16 x 13" / Watercolor / Sometimes it feels like life challenges us beyond what we can handle. My painting depicts the essence of hope. A small light can be seen amid the trees and landscape suggest...

Boulder Star 2


6 x 8" / Watercolor / The Boulder Star is a local tradition that my family and I enjoy each year. We are always delighted when we see the familiar star shining down on Boulder.

Boulder Holiday Star


5 x 7" / Watercolor / Small glitter frame to stand on tabletop / The Boulder Holiday Star lights up our mountains every holiday season, and shines bright until the New Year. The tradition brings li...

Elephant Eye


12 x 15" / WatercolorAfter seeing the Boulder International Film Festival movie, "Elephant Mother," I was inspired to paint pictures of elephants. I believe eyes reveal depth, insight and feelings.

Majestic Flattop Mount...


18 x 14" / WatercolorMy husband and I hiked to this beautiful spot in the Rocky Mountains. We stopped to enjoy the view of Flattop Mountain and Dream Lake. We had a private ceremony, and sat quietl...

Sunset Over Colorado M...


20 x 16" / WatercolorI’ve made a point of capturing as many sunrises and sunsets as possible with my camera. I’m 70 years old, and don’t know how many more will be experienced in my lifetime, so I’...

Abstract Sunset Over C...


20 x 16" / WatercolorMy abstract version of a Colorado sunset. I love the freedom of painting purely from my emotions.