Kathleen Leroy

Kathleen LeRoy was born in the deep south, and she currently resides at the foot of the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The juxtaposition of the moist, fertile gulf upbringing with her current life on the high arid plains in Colorado create a tension — a seemingly impossible reconciliation — that forms the basis for much of her art.

Kathleen’s artwork stands for serenity, kindness and power. She is hoping to inspire and bring tranquility to audiences, to fill empty spaces with color, and to comfort healing hearts with original works. Kathleen believes that being around love and expressions of love makes us feel safe, cared for, and alive, and her artwork aims to bring that expression.

Kathleen has worked in the fields of healing and holding space as a psychotherapist, a singer, and a songwriter. She says that her work enables her to access and be witness to deeper parts of herself, and having people experience it is part of that fascinating journey.

Mostly wrought with a palette knife, a bit of brushwork and some large scrapers, her paintings have a lot of paint. Kathleen uses acrylics, and through a pushing and pulling process, she forms a heavy texture and diffuse lines. Kathleen’s textured acrylic paintings bring a sudden splash of elemental color and quiet human connection.

“Making art brings me joy, and a painting’s process connects me more deeply to myself. I am motivated by the miracle of each piece’s evolution and by its final completion, you, viewing the

art and having an experience with it.”

25 items

Bird Song


36 x 36" / Acrylic on Canvas

Awaiting in the Night


8 x 8" / Gallery wrapped print

Calm Surface


36" x 36"/ Painting

Casting Light


48" x 36"/ Painting

Blue Moon Love


40 x 30" / Acrylic on Canvas

Water Days


24 x 24" / Acrylic on Canvas/ Sailing on cool waters with views of gold-tipped mountains and violet pines.

St. George Island


6 x 12" / Acrylic on Canvas



8 x 8" / Acrylic on canvas

Yosemite Halfdome


Acrylic on Canvas / 10 x 14"

Old Faithful


8 x 8" / acrylic on woodOld Faithful filled with sweet bird, an oak tree from the south in a whimsical look with violet, orange and baby blue.

Accompany Within


18 x 24" / Acrylic on CanvasAbstract painting of a community of figures in rich blues with a golden yellow background.Acrylic on canvas with palette knife.