Jane Glotzer


Plain Jane design...anything but plain.

Hundreds and hundreds of tiny pieces create a much bigger and much greater whole; hundreds and hundreds of tiny pieces unite the arbitrary and the varied, the airy bits of ephemera, the permanent chunks of stone and gem, the shiny slices of mirror and glass, the natural and the human-made; hundreds and hundreds of tiny pieces are joined together into a larger expression of texture, space, line, and color: hundreds and hundreds of tiny pieces eventually evolve into one integrated piece of Jane’s contemporary mosaic fine art.


For over twenty years, Jane’s primary focus has been a dedication to reducing waste and consumption by recovering, reclaiming, redesigning, repurposing and reusing the used, but not used up, with her contemporary approach to the ancient art of mosaics. Salvaging and working with castoffs and discards, Jane’s art is often whimsical in appearance, but always thoughtful in its environmental message. 


Jane says that at this point in her life, she is in her 6th or 7th incarnation, having been a 2nd grade teacher, a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer, a mother of two (now grown) sons, a preschool teacher, an interior designer, a children's theater teacher, a visual stylist and merchandiser, and finally, a full time working artist. Jane is originally from Brooklyn, New York and moved to Greeley, Colorado in the 70s for college. She then returned to NYC for a master’s degree in dance. Colorado called her back again in the 80s, and she currently lives in the foothills outside of Boulder with her husband and high school sweetheart, Steve. When not working on mosaics, Jane enjoys drawing and watercolors, hiking in my neighborhood, traveling in our beautiful state, practicing yoga, taking modern dance classes, attending live music and dance performances (pre-covid!), boogieing it up whenever possible and trying to live each and every day for the moment, with purpose and intention.


Available Works

19 items

Buried Treasure xvii: ...


41x10x4" / Reclaimed mosaics on shovel /  This is the 17th shovel in my Buried Treasure series, evoking ancient civilizations, the passage of time and demonstrating the beauty of age and old things.

Love on the Rocks: Medium


3x2"/ Reclaimed mosaics on stone/   Medium size flat stones with upcycled stained glass mosaic hearts and ball chain. 



40x14.5x4" / Reclaimed mosaic on guitar / Guitar with upcycled stained glass, painted tempered glass and ball chain. Mosaic guitar has D-ring, and hangs on wall.

Buried Treasure xiv: C...


38x11x2" / Reclaimed mosaics on shovel / Crown Princess is number 14 in Jane's Buried Treasure series that upcycles old shovels into fine art mosaics. These pieces evoke ancient civilizations and c...

Twinkle, Twinkle


30x12x12" / Reclaimed mosaics on conga drum / Twinkle, Twinkle is number 23 in Jane's artworks on Instruments. Reclaimed mirror mosaic on upcycled conga drum with ball chain and star motifs.

Solar Portal


22 x 14" / Reclaimed MosaicsMosaic on reclaimed wooden tray with upcycled mirror, grout, paint.

Love on the Rocks: Small


1.5x1.5"/ Reclaimed mosaics on stone/  Love on the Rocks mini pocket rocks made with upcycled stained glass and ball chain.

Love on the Rocks: Gre...


6" x 4" x 1"/ Reclaimed mosaics on stone/  reclaimed mosaic on stone with upcycled stained glass, pyrite; ball chain

Rhythm of Light


30" x 15"/ Sculpture /  Reclaimed mirror mosaic on upcycled conga drum; the light seems to dance around the room when it hits those mirrors...the rhythm of light

Self Reflect


37x14x3.5" / Reclaimed mosaic on guitar / Self Reflect, an upcycled mirror and ball chain mosaic on a reclaimed guitar is the 21st in Jane Glotzer's series of mosaicked musical instruments.

Wonderland Bunny


16.5 x 16.5" / reclaimed mosaicsreclaimed cabinet door mosaic with upcycled stained glass, beads, tile, pocket watch, pebbles; ball chain

Buried Treasure xiii: ...


43.5 x 5.5" / Reclaimed shovel mosaic with upcycled stained glass, turquoise, beads, inlaid belt buckle; ball chain.