Jane Cunningham

Jane paints with oil and cold wax. She loves the tactile nature of the wax and the vibrant colors of oil paint; mixing the two creates a thick, rich medium that reminds her of finger painting as a child. Jane loves digging into a painting, scraping out shapes and lines, covering it and repeating it again, until she likes what emerges. Unlimited layers add depth and a quality of history that feels deep and alchemical.

More than anything, Jane's paintings remind her of dreams. Dreams have served as an invaluable mentor to Jane. They comfort her, they inspire her, and sometimes, they scare her. She never knows what to expect.. Like dreams, she finds the process of painting to be cryptic, changeable and a wild ride. Oftentimes, a shape or visage will appear out of nowhere, which surprises and delights her.

A blank canvas offers a wide gamut of possibilities. Jane never knows where a painting is going when she starts. Will it reveal itself immediately or will she be painting blind for weeks before it knows what it wants to be? It requires an openness and a deep listening. She cannot be too bossy or the muse withdraws and she is left frustrated, the fool, caught by her delusion of control. This is her cue to laugh and move on.

When Jane gets submerged into a painting, she is all in. She wakes up thinking about the painting. She carries it throughout the day in her mind’s back room, just like a dream, which is familiar territory for her. In her “former life” Jane worked as a psychotherapist, specializing in working with the unconscious, through dreams, meditation, subtle realms of consciousness and the body. There is an art to working with the unconscious; it requires the patience to navigate murky territory with a light touch. If you grasp a dream too tightly it vanishes, just like the creative impulse while painting. Jane finds this both enticing and exasperating at times. The not knowing- the mystery-this keeps her hooked. It keeps her painting.

Jane lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband David and their four-legged Floki. In her free time, she likes to hike the hills of Boulder, dance, ride her e-bike and spend time with friends and family.

17 items

Sitting in the Fire


12x9" / Oil and Cold Wax / Sitting in the Fire is about the process of meditation, letting the mild melt with all its 10,000 "things" and finding the freedom of emptiness.

Just Bee


16x16" / Oil & cold wax / Just Bee is about how stillness is the energy that catalyzes creativity.

Breaking Free


11x11" / Oil & cold wax / This painting about breaking free of the limitations of one's identity and being liberated from all the strictures placed upon us, whether societal or self imposed.

Prime Time


24 x 24" / Oil and Cold Wax / Prime Time honors change. While change can ruffle feather, it releases stuck energy and invites in newness, expansion.



11 x 7" / Oil and Cold Wax / When we can expand beyond our small self, we can experience a wider view, one that is clear and accepting.



11 x 7" / Oil and Cold Wax / Shapeshifter is a shamanic being that can change shapes at will, into an animal or a tree or whatever it is chooses.

Kundalini Rising


11 x 7" / Oil and Cold Wax / Kundalini Rising is when the divine energy that resides at the base of the spine moves up the central channel, bringing heightened energy, awareness and mental clarity....

Magic Village


36 x 36" / Oil & Cold Wax / Magic village invites the observer to enter into a playful colony of color and go for the ride.



12x10" / Oil and cold wax painting on wood panel



30 x 30" / Oil and Cold Wax / I pay attention to space. When I focus on space instead of objects in the foreground, I feel free and transparent. I can let things move through me like a cloud dissol...



8 x 8" / oil and cold waxBirdland is about seeing birds from a child's perspective. When I was a child I would chase birds for hours and hours. I was attracted to their colorful plumage and their a...

Gold Lake


40 x 30" / oil and cold wax /Gold Lake is sacred land near Boulder where Chief Niwot of the southern Arapahoe tribe, along with people form other tribes met every summer for their sun dance. After ...