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Anchors Away!


27 x 24" / Anchor ChainThis hefty side table made from anchor chain features a nautical theme from the modern industrial era.



27 x 23" / Salvaged MetalsThis industrial modern lamp features parts from a car's transmission that allow the whole lamp and a set of planetary gears to rotate in a circle with the turn of a valve ...

Flood Gate


40 x 18" / Mixed MetalsThis piece has a whimsical arrangement of found objects reconfigured in a manner that maintains the integrity of the original intention in an interesting sculptural manner. T...

Cars and Cocktails


44 x 30" / Mixed Metals /Spinning the top of this cocktail table causes gears and chains under the glass to rotate and spin the propeller. This kinetic, sculptural furniture is made out of parts fr...



15 x 13" / Metal CollagePrairie is about the found metal on farmland.

Patina Triptych: Live ...


10 x 32" / Mixed Media (acrylic, textured papers, wire)This triptych of three 10x10" canvases is inspired by concepts of electricity and the patina of time. Rich metallics, blues, and the pale gre...

Shift Change


24 x 16" / Found Object AssemblageThis found object assemblage was created using a salvaged wooden drawer, vintage book covers, antique printing press letters, an antique pocket watch, a metal mail...

Crosstown Traffic #2


12 x 8" / Found Object AssemblageThis found object assemblage contains old printing blocks, pieces of an old measuring stick, feet from an old typewriter, wooden blocks, a rusted metal can lid, boo...

Weathered Train


25 x 19" / Oil on CanvasRusty iron, weathered wood on an old rail car in Antonito, Colorado.

Many Moons Out There


15 x 16" / Acrylic, paper, wood panelsWe measure the world here, and are busy exploring worlds beyond us. We try to define, but there always are irregularities and anomalies that defy our efforts. ...

Abstract Granary


21 x 17" / PhotographyThis granary (a storehouse for threshed grain), sits outside the tiny farming community of Anton, Colorado. Abstract angles of metal and steel form a beautiful geometry agains...